My loved one doesn’t have a smartphone. Will the service still work?

Yes! As long as they have a mobile device that can receive and send texts, A-OK will work. No need to download any apps!

What happens if someone doesn’t reply to the A-OK text message?

We understand people’s lives are busy, so in case someone misses a Wave, a second follow-up message is sent after 90 minutes. The person then has 30 minutes to reply. If they do not reply at all, you will receive an alert text from A-OK stating there has been no communication from them.

What happens if my loved one is unavailable or traveling? Is there a way to temporarily suspend service?

Yes! The user can reply to the A-OK system with “skip” and it will automatically skip the next Wave.

What if there is an emergency? Does A-OK communicate with emergency services?

A-OK is a messaging service to help people keep track of friends and family through text reminders. If you or your loved one is experiencing an emergency, then contact 911 directly.

Is there a GPS device to use?

No. A-OK allows the people on your list the freedom to undergo their daily lives without being tracked. The service is intended to initiate regular communication, so people can stay in touch with ease.

How often can I change the contacts in my annual or monthly plan?

The contacts can be changed at any time and as often as you like by simply logging into your account and updating the information.

My loved one has changed their phone number. How do I update their information?

Simply log into your profile or contact A-OK [hyperlink to contact page] to update any information.

How will I be billed?

A-OK will automatically debit the bank account or charge the credit card of your choice, monthly or annually.