Our Mission

A-OK’s mission is to provide peace of mind for our clients, without sacrificing independence. Whether you would like to be checked or have a person you want to check, the automated process of communication makes staying safe easy.

Our Story

In November of 2013, A-OK founder, John McCarley, noticed that the majority of monitoring products on the market were emergency-call options for the elderly or geared towards parents tracking young children through GPS on their shared phone plan. He wondered about an option for everyone else.

Many adults these days are independent and don’t communicate with their friends and family daily. In the event of an unfortunate accident, there was no good option to ensure that someone would know.

He developed A-OK as a minimally invasive communication in the form of a daily check-in text, called a Wave. This simple system provides a painless way for adults to have independence and the peace of mind that someone knows they are A-OK. So that is our story. How can A-OK provide peace of mind for you?