Watch our video to learn about our family check-in service!

How It Works

In today’s busy society it’s hard to get schedules to align. A-OK takes the guesswork out of trying to reach those close to you, and works by checking-in with your loved ones for you.

  • Add your people

    Add your people

    Enter the names and mobile numbers for the contacts of your choice. We’ll verify the information and you’ll be ready to roll.

  • A-OK sends a text to your people, family check-in

    A-OK texts your people

    A-OK automatically sends a check-in text, or Wave, to the people listed in your account. If they are busy or traveling, they have the freedom to skip their next check-in.

  • Your people reply to text

    Your people reply to text

    After receiving their daily Wave, your people can easily send a reply, letting A-OK know they are safe. If they do not reply within 2-hours, a reminder text will be sent with an additional 60-minute wait period.

  • No reply? You get notified

    No reply? You get notified

    If any of your contacts miss their initial and follow up Waves, after the combined 3 hours you will receive an alert email & text message from A-OK stating they have not responded.